Instructions for Creating Acronyms on the Inscribable Wristband

You can also use the Inscribable Wristband in a different way to inscribe well-known acronyms such as 143 (“I Love You”) and “BFF” (“Best Friends Forever”). You can also be creative and Dream Up your own acronyms. On the home page click on “dream up acronyms” to learn more!

Let’s work through the 143 for “I Love You”
The reason 143 represents I Love You is because "I" contains 1 letter, "Love" has 4 letters, and "You" has 3 letters.

In the personal message, the letters are colored to indicate the number of times they appear in the message. In the case of acronyms, the numbers and letters are colored to correspond to the order in which they appear in the acronym.

For example:
“I” is the first word so the 1 is colored blue.
“Love” is the second word so the 4 is colored red.
“You” is the third word, so the 3 is colored green.

Now take your 143 (I Love You) acronym and make it even better by adding “Mom”
“I Love You Mom” would be entered as “143MOM” on your wristband, and would look like this:

You can also add the acronym “BFF” (“Best Friends Forever”) to your 143 “I Love You” acronym. The B is colored Blue, and the two F’s are colored red and green, and would look like this:

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