Step 4: Using the On-Line Interactive Template to help you create a Personal Message

Example: “I love you more today than yesterday”

Step 1: Enter the first letter of each word in the circles on the inside of your wristband.

Step 2: Enter each word in a box, count the letters, enter the number of letters in the adjacent circle, and add them up

Step 3: The boxes in the lower section indicate how many times each letter appears in the message, and in what words For example, the letter “A” occurs a total of 3 times, in the 5th, 6th, and 7th words in “I love you more today than yesterday”.

Step 4: Compare the two totals, they should be the same. If not, you need to go back and re-count the letters & numbers

Step 5: Now you can easily fill out the inscribable wristband! Just copy it from the template to your wristband using the colored markers included in your kit.

Step 6: Give it that personal touch, and fill out the “to” and “from” boxes at the top and bottom of the template!

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