Weight Challenge Instructions

Welcome Weight Challenger,
Please notice the part of the Inscribable Wristband that has the acronym “L1LBAWK” ("lose 1 pound a week"), this is the part of the wristband that is used to develop and track a weight reduction goal you may have.
To identify taking on this challenge, color the acronym “L1LBAWK” in red.

The next step is to locate the circles lining the inside of the wristband. For the purposes of this challenge, the circles will be utilized to record your timeline and weight reduction goal. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks, here is how you would write your goal inside the circles. In this example, we will assume the timeline is July 5th through September 19th, and a starting weight will be 200 pounds - this means the goal weight on September 19th is 190 pounds.
To record this information into the circles, begin by writing in the starting date, then the starting weight, next is the target weight loss, followed by the target weight, and the end date of the program. For example,

Now that the inside of the wristband is complete, return to the outside of the wristband and locate the dot under the letter “L” to the left of the number 1, this will be your starting point. You will record your weekly progress by coloring in these dots. Use the color red to represent each pound lost per week. The color blue will be used to represent no weight loss, and the color black will be used to represent each pound gained per week. Leave one dot white, as a space, between each week.

To create a higher success rate for your weight reduction challenge goal you should recruit 2 more people to join your training group. I have found that this is the best number for a reliable, small training group. Three in the training group ensures that if one person can’t make it, there is still one person depending on you to show up.

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