Dear Darrel,

The fact that you are already on this site suggest that you are well aware of golf’s addictive nature and everyone who embarks upon this game is destined for a long love affair.

“Practice is the pillar of accomplishment and
the true preparation of the opportunity to produce
a good effective repeatable golf swing"

The above 21 word poem describes what it takes to be a better golfer. The 21 Word Golf tips site is structured to give you a personal tutor guide in 21 words for every different part of the game of golf.

The 21 Word Golf tips will take you systematically through every part of the golf game from the basic fundamentals to the more advance. I guess you can call the 21 Word Golf tips your golf instructor.

Each one of the golf tip is associated with one or more photographs to help illustrate the golf tip. I have structured each of the golf tips in 5 easy one liners and given each liner an acronym for you to easily remember the golf tips you are learning.

The Inscribable Wristband is designed with 21 circles on the inside of the wristband for you to write in the acronyms of the golf tip you are practicing to improve. The wristband is also very helpful to wear in a golf game to remind you of the important golf tip you have been working on to improve your game. Golf is a unique game because it gives a golfer of unequal ability to compete on even terms due to the handicapping system. The 21 Word Golf tips were created to help you improve your game at whatever level you might be at. I invite you to share the 21 Word Golf tips with your friends and others on your journey to playing better golf.


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