Step 1: Counting the letters that appear in your message

Determine how many letters appear more than one time in the message “You’re my best Friend” The letters R and Y appear twice, and the letter E appears three times. All other letters appear only once.

Step 2: Indicating which letters appear in your message

On the Inscribable Wristband, use the blue pen to highlight all the letters that appear once. Use the red pen to highlight the letters R and Y, because red = 2, and the letters R and Y appear twice.

Now use the green pen to highlight the letter E, because it appears 3 times in the message. When finished, you’re wristband should look like this:

E is colored in green because it appears three times In the message “You’re my best Friend”.

All other letters are colored blue, because they appear once.

R and Y are colored in red because they appear twice In the message “You’re my best Friend”.

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