Dear María,

This morning, as I found myself rushing into another hectic day, I stopped to reflect about the many things we’ve done together. Over the years, you and I have always been at each others’ side finding ways to help others. For both of us, it is a labor of love that we both see as a gratifying experience to give of ourselves and askreally nothing in return except a thank you. As I think about this journey we are on in helping others, I realize that I do not thank you or compliment you enough for all that you do. You always place others before yourself and tiredlessly work hard every day with a can-do attitude in getting things done. You are a genuine friend – kind, generous and, above all, a very loving person. If I haven’t told you, lately, how much I really admire and appreciate you as well as how important a part of my life you are I would like to take a moment to tell you now with two simple words of thank you and one of the Inscribable Wristband acronyms – URA10.

P.S. I am also reminded that a genuine deserving compliment of praise, flattery, or congratulations, and a simple thank you can jump start someone’s day. A genuine and powerful act of acknowledgement is the best gift we can give another human being.
To help you with giving out a deserving compliment, I have created a list of compliments, collected from friends and family over the years that you can use. To make the compliment last longer than a moment, why not take the extra step to write the complimentary message in the Inscribable Wristband.

We shouldn’t wait for the perfect moment
To give someone a deserving compliment
For the moment can be gone too quickly


Take time to compliment others
Do not forget to do so
One kind word
Can warm the heart for many months

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