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Track and Field is a truly unique sport. Young athletes, especially in Track and Field, learn to experience success in two ways - as an individual and as a team.  Unlike other sports, where two teams of athletes’ joint efforts result in a win or a loss, Track and Field is a compilation of events where athletes come together to compete with each other, while more importantly competing with themselves. With all other team sports, an athlete can have a bad day and be carried to win by the team. On the track, it’s just the athlete against the stopwatch or the measuring tape. Hard work and dedication are literally being measured in each event, where the goal is achieving a personal best.

Research has also shown that young athletes should participate in sports. The statistics show that kids who participate in sports attend more school, are more community and civil minded, are less frequently in trouble, and have a greater tendency to be more successful in the workplace.

Over the years I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running but it always comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement. If you want to record your achievement, whether it’s time, height, or distance, I suggest you use the Inscribable Wristband.

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