List of Personal Messages

You are a breath of fresh air

You are as good as one gets

You are a one of a kind leader

You have a great way with words

You are very innovative and creative

You are a good driver

You are capable of accomplishing whatever you set your mind to

Your beauty warms my heart

You are beautiful

You are handsome

You are a picture of good health

You look good how much weight have you lost?

You are a wonderful cook

You make me feel special

You make me feel I can do anything

You are drop dead gorgeous

You are a chip of the old block

You are picture perfect

You are the winds beneath my wings

You oughta to be in pictures

You didn’t have to be so nice

You take my breath away

You made my day

You are my sunshine

You are so beautiful

You light up my life

You got what it takes

You mean the world to me

You’re a hard worker

You are a good sport

You have a can do attitude

You have an infectious smile

You have an infectious laughter

You have an infectious charm about you

You genuinely care for others

Your courage is over the top

You are a good role model

You are well respected and everyone looks up to you

You have a terrific outlook on life

You are kind and warm hearted

Your heart is definitely in the right place

You bring out the best in me

You make me proud

You are two thumbs up

You are a sight for sore eyes

You make me believe in you

You are the one and only woman in my life

You are a wonderful runner

You are a wonderful person

You are a wonderful instructor

You are a wonderful boss

You are a wonderful trainer

You are a wonderful waitress

You are a wonderful waiter

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