List of Personal Messages

I love you more today than yesterday

An understanding heart waits in the wings to help you through difficult times

Day and night sits balanced in our love for each other

I am madly in love with you

I am only one moment, but with you, I am many more and alive

I appreciate your friendship more than ever

I believe in you

I can conquer the world if I have you by my side

I can’t just make myself laugh; I need you

I can’t say no to you when you use your angelic smile on me

I can’t stay mad at you; I love you too much

I can’t stop thinking of you

I can’t wait to tell you how much I love you

I could write a book about how much I love you

I don’t want you to be angry, please forgive me; I was wrong

I enjoy spending time with you, you are my everything

I know what I like, what I like is you

I love the different camera angles of your beauty

I love to talk to you every day for you make my day

I love you always and forever

I love you just the way you are

I love you less than you love me but more tomorrow if you give me time

I love you more than anyone else

I love you more than every morning sunrise and evening sunset

I love you more than life itself

I love you more than the San Francisco nightlife

I love you more than the world, the companion moon and stars

I love you more today than yesterday

I miss you

I need your love more than ever

I see no reason why not to love you if you let me into your heart

I think I love you

I truly love you; you are the music in my life

I want to be able to cry on your shoulders, and for you to understand

I want to celebrate my love with you

I want to give my heart to you

I want you to be my friend

I want you to know me with an open heart

I welcome your harmony in a unity of day into night and the seasons to follow

I will always love you

I write our words everyday to say, “I love you”

I’d like to be friends

I’ll go through extreme heartaches just for a chance to love you

I’m a man in love and complete with your love

I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings; I didn’t mean to

I’ve lost my mind over you

If ever two hearts were one, than surely, we qualify

If you are ready to fall in love, I am here

If you’ll let me, I would love to cook for you the rest of my life

Love is not an illusion of what we share, when it is real

My dreams are only of you

My heart is the hawk searching for your love

My thoughts of you are winds blowing pictures in my mind

Our love is not a casual moment, but an achievement of distinction

Our words come closer to winter than summer

Since you left me, the days are all alike‐I don’t know what to do

The friendship we share is ours forever

The mind has many more eyes, and the heart, but one

The morning smiles of the sun guides my walking shoes to you

To love, I must have you in my arms

We should never take our love for granted; it’s extraordinary

You ain’t seen nothing yet, my love for you has just begun

You are irresistibly charming and beautiful

You are much hotter than all the magazine supermodels

You are my beautiful dream of discovery

You are my crystal glass of wine and romance

You are my footprint on the water

You are my summer romance I want to continue seeing

You are my sunrise and sunset all wrapped in one

You are my thoughts and inspiration

You are my world, moon and sun

You are not a distraction in my world; you are the best thing

You are the best looking girl in our school

You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life

You are the joy and flowers of my life

You are the most important ingredient in my recipe of love

You are the red roses of my life

You are the runner of love and delight

You are the songs I write with love

You are the stars in my eyes

You are the symphony of my heart

You can be counted on to help others in times of adversity

You can depend on me to always be there for you

You drive me crazy, more than anyone else, but I love it

You fill my heart with love

You may be right, I love you more than I know

You mean the world to me

You take my breath away by your beauty


You take my breath away every moment of the day

You will see me someplace else; there is no word for goodbye

You’re my best friend


Your smile is the joy of my life

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