Dear James

I understand that as you grow older, and pass through your teenage years, that expressing your love for your parents becomes harder. It may not always be easy to tell your mom and dad, “I love you,” though it should be. Have you ever asked yourself, “What is something special that I can give to Mom and Dad for all of the love they have given me over the years?” It’s not always simple and easy to just say, “I love you Mom and Dad.” And because you stop saying the words,“I love you,” it is easy to find yourself drifting away from them as you begin planning your own journey through life.

I just want to say that there is nothing more priceless you can give your mom and dad than a personal message of love by telling them how you feel about them. I was given an Inscribable Wristband with a personalized message that I’ve worn for months now.
The wristband reads, “I love you always and forever,” and I wear it proudly.

Parents throughout the years have always been proud to showcase their childrens’ work, abilities, and accomplishments to friends and family. I cannot think of anything more special, or priceless, than if my child was to give me a wristband with a personal message of love that I could wear. I would proudly wear that wristband everywhere because it’s a personal message to me.

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