Break Up
Get Well
Just Because
Thank You
Thinking Of You

Thinking of all the wonderful things you are, I treasure our love , I’m so happy I’m spending my life with you.

I think of all the wonderful things you are and treasure your uniqueness as there is no one else like you.

I think of you in my heart and I forget the world has anyone in it but the two of us.

Cherish are the memories I have of you both growing up, I treasure to have been a part of it all.

Even in the rush of the everyday I can take the time to appreciate that I have you as my friend.

I can no longer think of anyone but you and you alone always makes me feel that I am alive.

As the sky breaks into sunrise I’m awaken by all its majestic beauty and so starts my day of loving you.

Mom, if I haven’t’ told you lately how I feel about you, just know I love you with all my hear.

Mom I’m grateful for the love you give me everyday and the extra love when I needed it most.

Mom, so many I love you’s, hugs and kisses I’ll never share with anyone else because they’re only meant for you.

I often wish I‘d just send you a sweet hello if nothing more than just to say I’m thinking of you.

Dear Mom I love you more than words can say, you’ve made such a difference in my life. I’m forever grateful.

Mom, you fill my life with love and beauty, your joy is the source of my smile and all that’s right.

Just a note to say I am thinking of you and to let you know you are always on my mind.

You are all I think about, to the world you may just be one but to me you are the world.

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