Break Up
Get Well
Just Because
Thank You
Thinking Of You

From the first moment I met you I knew you were the one for me and that’s even true today.

Don't look back and think about what might have been there's nothing you can do about yesterday but everything about tomorrow.

I really want to be with you maybe even more than I ever did because I’ve fallen in love with you.

You’ve swept me off my feet and caught me by surprise, touched my heart when I thought I couldn’t love again.

After all theses years you still thrill me just reaching for my hand, I love and cherish you more than anyone else.

I like to give you so many little things most important I’ll never give to anyone else is my love.

You’ve touched my heart from the moment we met when you showed me a love that comes once in a lifetime.

Love is the best word to describe what I feel a thousand times over in my heart whenever I’m with you.

Just like the cold winter creates harmony with ice flowers on window panes so do we hold each other true?

When I am with you my heart opens up just like a flower opens up to bloom for a lifetime of love.

I treasure the way you kiss me hello every morning just to let me know I mean the world to you.

From the moment I met you I knew you would make my world a better place and I was so right!.

Without your love life is a roller coaster ride but with your love the thrill of the ride is always there.

Love is a bicycle built for two and falling in love with you without question is the ride of a lifetime.

Everyday I feel so lucky to be spending my life with you as there is no one else I love more.

You are so much a part of me that it’s impossible to imagine what life would have been like without you.

Falling in love with you is more than just that it’s a magical carpet ride of incredible journeys that never ends.

If only for a moment is all I may ever have with you than lost to my imagination I have hope.

If love was meant to be it almost always happens magically and unexpectedly. I hope when it does it is you.

You’re the one I love to be with the one who can make me feel so right with just a smile.

I never thought it possible to care so deeply that every time I think of you my heart skips a beat.

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